2010 Spotlight Award Voting in Final Stretch

If you haven’t already voted for A Legendary Event to become 2010 Spotlight Award Catering Company of the Year, you only have three days left!!! To vote, click on the black box above and enter your e-mail address. It only takes a few minutes and we would be honored to have your support. The voting deadline is on January 31st at midnight. Happy Voting!

HOW TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS COOKING as featured in Debut Issue of Georgia Performance Magazine

True, I’m no Harvard business grad. Nevertheless, in just ten years, I have built a small Special Event Business from my own kitchen into a multi-million dollar enterprise. I’m not bragging, just illustrating a point. The gradient has been steep, at times challenging, but I have certainly learned a thing or two about effective business practices along the way. From slicing avocados (nothing against avocados) to managing a team of over 200 employees, here are ten business strategies that have. . .


Photo by Heinze Linke