Celebrate Summer with Seasonal Citrus!

At A Legendary Event, our award-wining floral team is busy designing magnificent centerpieces. For color and pizzazz, we love including lemons and limes for a less predictable touch. With summer starting to sizzle, now is the time to let some sun into your celebration and brighten your home with brilliant hues of yellow and orange. Legendary Floral Director Jeanna Graham enjoys adding citrus to A Legendary Event’s table- scapes. Guests asked ‘How did you think of that?’ That’s the “Wow” factor we aim for at Legendary which is colorful, creative, and unexpected.” One of the biggest trends in floral arrangements this year is also unconventional centerpieces and using fruit to catch guests by surprise. These arrangements add vibrant colors that dazzle the eyes and citrus fruits provide a fresh aroma that brings the sunshine inside. To jazz up tables and place settings, slice freshly picked lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, or bergamots. Combine different fruits for a fresh and clean arrangement. Try sliding lemon slices into a clear vase, and then fill it with flowers and ice water for a “Legendary” look. Simple and sophisticated, this is a solar flare that will keep your company coming back for more.

Watch A Legendary Event’s Executive Pastry Chef Ami Dand!

Tune in Thursday, January 17th at 10pm ET/PT to see Chef Ami Dand compete on Food Network’s Sweet Genius, as she battles it out for $10,000 and the title of Sweet Genius! Premiering Thursday, January 17th at 10pm “Samba Genius” With lasers as the inspiration, the chefs attempt to make excellent chocolate desserts from a mandatory blue ingredient and a yellow one. Then, for the candy test, Chef Ron has another entertaining and inspiring surprise that inspires the chefs to use a shockingly colorful tuber in their final dish. In the final round, get ready for a trip back in time, as the last two chefs receive a spicy snack and only 60 minutes to prove who deserves the $10,000 prize.

Fabulous Fall Forecast: What’s Up At The High?

Just the other day, Tony was spotted at the Four Seasons Atlanta enjoying Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial with Ms. Cate Candler, of the High Museum’s Wine Auction Office. What else could they have been discussing so late in the year? The party of the century, of course! The High Museum’s Fast Forward Gala: Modern Moments 1913>>2013 is co-chaired by Sandra Baldwin and Tony Conway. The event is an exclusive peek at the High Museum’s newest exhibit. During a night rich with decadence, guests will have the opportunity to preview the greatest works of modern art in the world. Such a celebration is sure to offer an exciting peek at what has been waiting in the wings of the High Museum. For more information, visit www.high.org/gala.

Tony’s Top Etiquette Tips

Photo By Lauren Rubinstein
Make a “Legendary” impression at a dinner party. Tony Conway, founder and CEO of the special events company A Legendary Event in Atlanta, GA, is the master at leaving impressions. Today, Tony shares his no fuss tips on how to impress and look like the best. His tips for dinner etiquette are simple to follow and even easier to make a habit. ? The Perfect Setting-To remember the placement of your dinner set up, think of this moniker: ‘Bread, Meal, Water.’ Your bread plate will be on your left, your meal plate is in the center and your water or wine glass will be on your right. ? A Cut Above-When cutting a food item on your plate, your fork should be turned down, holding the item while the knife gently cuts through the item. ? The Rule of Thumb- When it comes to which to use first, always work your way from the outside in. The outermost silverware is for your first and second courses and so on and so forth. ? Table It- It is important to remember that once the utensils are used, they should be placed on the side of your plate and are not to touch the table again, including the handles. Your dinner etiquette will be a hit with fellow guests and potentially an inspiration. You’re a legend; now, flaunt it!

Interesting And Pinteresting!

NJMPhotography.com - Farm Inspired Wedding
NJMPhotography.com - Farm Inspired Wedding
Photo Courtesy of NJMPhotography.com - Farm Inspired Wedding
Photo Courtesy of NJMPhotography.com - Farm Inspired Wedding
Follow us! We recently launched A Legendary Event Pinterest page and posted some of our latest “Legendary” pics and tips. Plus, discover ways to keep it “Legendary,” from our award-winning wedding cakes to etiquette lessons from Tony Conway. If you’re unfamiliar with online scrapbook Pinterest, now is the time to join millions of Pinterest followers. Gone are the days of cutting up your favorite magazines and keeping track of confusing picture files. De-clutter your computer and keep the catalogs clean with this online tool that easily organizes the objects of your inspiration! It only takes a day or two to be invited to join the Pinterest community. If you’re like us, you’ll be hooked in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve created your account and downloaded the “pin-it” button, the Internet becomes your treasure chest. Pick and “pin” any online images to your own Boards, customized around themes of your own creation such as “Summer Florals” or “Parties I want to give!”
Check us out at http://pinterest.com/alegendaryevent/ and always keep it “Legendary!”