Beat The Heat With A Legendary Drink!

To beat the heat, A Legendary Event suggests serving a refreshing cocktail at your summer soiree! As one of Atlanta’s award-winning caterers, our “Legendary” mixologists have been concocting fabulous drinks for your special summer days and soirees. Tony’s Old Fashioned Favorite: In true, classy Conway fashion, Tony releases his recipe for an Old Southern favorite. 1 Splash Soda Water 1 Sugar Cube 2 dashes aromatic bitters 1 ½ oz Whiskey (Canadian Club) 1 Orange Slice 1 Cherry 1 Lemon Peel Twist Muddle soda water, sugar, and bitters in an old-fashioned glass. Add whiskey and ice. Garnish with an orange slice, cherries, and a lemon twist.

A Legendary Event – Atlanta’s Catering Legend Featured!

A Legendary Event Dinner Party - Neiman Marcus Featured
A Legendary Event Dinner Party - Neiman Marcus Featured
Thank you to “the book” which is the gorgeous, great big glossy Neiman Marcus holiday catalog filled with stylish clothes, accessories, jewelry, handbags, best sellers and outrageous gifts. A Legendary Event was honored to cited as a FUN SPLURGE: A private dinner party catered by Tony Conway of A Legendary Event. We were honored to be included in the can’t-miss, can’t wait to get catalog celebrating the vibe, cultural norms, and goings-on in Atlanta. A Legendary Event’s dinner parties are a fabulous gift and our gift certificates are in popular demand. Guaranteed to get you invited back and on all your friend’s and family’s VIP lists! Dinner anyone? Let A Legendary Event do the catering, decor and floral. Your guests will say thank you lavishly, of course!

Tony’s Top Etiquette Tips

Photo By Lauren Rubinstein
Make a “Legendary” impression at a dinner party. Tony Conway, founder and CEO of the special events company A Legendary Event in Atlanta, GA, is the master at leaving impressions. Today, Tony shares his no fuss tips on how to impress and look like the best. His tips for dinner etiquette are simple to follow and even easier to make a habit. ? The Perfect Setting-To remember the placement of your dinner set up, think of this moniker: ‘Bread, Meal, Water.’ Your bread plate will be on your left, your meal plate is in the center and your water or wine glass will be on your right. ? A Cut Above-When cutting a food item on your plate, your fork should be turned down, holding the item while the knife gently cuts through the item. ? The Rule of Thumb- When it comes to which to use first, always work your way from the outside in. The outermost silverware is for your first and second courses and so on and so forth. ? Table It- It is important to remember that once the utensils are used, they should be placed on the side of your plate and are not to touch the table again, including the handles. Your dinner etiquette will be a hit with fellow guests and potentially an inspiration. You’re a legend; now, flaunt it!

Interesting And Pinteresting! - Farm Inspired Wedding - Farm Inspired Wedding
Photo Courtesy of - Farm Inspired Wedding
Photo Courtesy of - Farm Inspired Wedding
Follow us! We recently launched A Legendary Event Pinterest page and posted some of our latest “Legendary” pics and tips. Plus, discover ways to keep it “Legendary,” from our award-winning wedding cakes to etiquette lessons from Tony Conway. If you’re unfamiliar with online scrapbook Pinterest, now is the time to join millions of Pinterest followers. Gone are the days of cutting up your favorite magazines and keeping track of confusing picture files. De-clutter your computer and keep the catalogs clean with this online tool that easily organizes the objects of your inspiration! It only takes a day or two to be invited to join the Pinterest community. If you’re like us, you’ll be hooked in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve created your account and downloaded the “pin-it” button, the Internet becomes your treasure chest. Pick and “pin” any online images to your own Boards, customized around themes of your own creation such as “Summer Florals” or “Parties I want to give!”
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