Barrie Mershon Photography

Barrie Mershon recently photographed this wedding table featuring white and lavender garden roses, spray roses, and hydrangeas. Barrie is also one of A Legendary Event’s “Preferred Photographers.” We’re thrilled to have the opporunity to work with her on some upcoming projects. For more information visit:

Ric Mershon Photographers

Local DJ Yvonne Monet spins at Legendary Event Photo by Photographer Philip Shone

Photographer Philip Shone is also on our list of “Preferred Photographers.” Philip has been so generous with his time and we really appreciate all of his work. He snapped this photo of local DJ and radio personality Yvonne Monet at the Julie & Julia premier party. As well, he launched a new website this week. For more information on Philip check out his new website at:

Also to check out Philip’s event photos go to:

A Legendary Event’s Liz Cipro is Christened into Les Dames d’Escoffier

A Legendary Event’s Liz Cipro has been accepted as a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International. This organization is the only one of its kind: a world-wide philanthropic society of professional women leaders in the fields of food, fine beverage and hospitality. The invitation-only membership consists of 27 individual chapters across the United States and Canada; is highly diversified and reflects the multi-faceted fields of contemporary gastronomy and hospitality. Liz began her career with A Legendary Event in 2001 as a prep chef. With several experiences in both restaurants and smaller catering kitchens under her belt—Liz was quickly promoted to Sous Chef then moved into the position of Catering Sales. She currently holds the position of Director of Catering Sales at A Legendary Event.

Not only does Liz have an exquisite palate, she is a consummate professional with an unfailing ability to beautifully manage and juggle the ever-changing details of event catering. Over the years, Liz has created events for clients such as Jane Fonda, The Home Depot executives, Sir Elton John, Tiffany & Co., Hermes of Paris, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many more. Clients call on Liz because they trust her to handle every detail that arises with grace and efficiency. Being a wonderful liaison between VIPs and volunteers, officials, dignitaries and worker bees—Liz manages events with her signature smile and warm professionalism. Tony Conway, President and Owner of A Legendary Event commented, “I am so proud of Liz and all of her accomplishments and am thrilled that she has been selected for such a prestigious organization. I truly think Liz will be an asset to Les Dames d’Escoffier.”

Julie & Julia Slideshow by Laura Stone

Laura Stone of Artstar Photography was one of our femme fatale photographers the evening of the Julie & Julia Premier. She created a wonderful slideshow for everyone to view. She’s also on our “Preferred Photographers” list. Please click on this link to re-live the memories of last Wednesday.

For more information on Laura’s work please visit her website at:

New Julia Child Film and Legendary’s Kaleidoscope Menu at Phipps Plaza

We’re so excited to be hosting the Julie & Julia Premier this Wednesday at Phipps Plaza. Our Executive Chef Lincoln Stevens appropriately created a Julia Child-inspired menu including Hors d’oeuvres like Vichyssoise and Soup au Pistou and entree selections such as Bouillabaisse de Poulet and Filet de Boeuf Poele. Of course no respectable French feast would be complete without some traditional French sauces, so rest assured, our guests will have plenty of saucy-selections to choose from including creamy Sauce Bechamel and Beurre au Citron. Desserts will be none other than a divine selection of delicate French Pastries. All will be served in our award-winning Kaleidoscope buffet style. If you haven’t seen our chefs “perform” their Kaleidoscope Menu, then you’re in for a real treat.

If you’d like to check out the movie trailer before the movie’s official August 7th release simply click on the link below. This is a Nora Ephron film (writer and directed When Harry Met Sally among many other great films) so it’s likely to be a great big hit.

A Legendary Event is Revved Up Over BMW’s New “Sports Activity Coupe”

We’ve been “revved up” for two weeks about the BMW Concept X6 Active Hybrid. Thanks to Los Angeles-based Extraordinary Events, we’ve been hosting 200 international journalists at Road Atlanta in Braselton. The results are top secret but if we were appraising this efficient, cutting edge vehicle we’d definitely give it four out of four wheels. BMW calls the BMW Concept X6 Active Hybrid “the world’s first Sports Activity Coupe.” The vehicle is modern, muscular, and sophisticated. Currently it’s available in two colors-Melbourne Red and Space Grey. We’re semi-certain that we’ve seen one of Tyler Perry’s producers driving around in one of these uber-cool vehicles.