Legendary Culinary Is Sure To “WOW” Your Guests!

Photo By Lauren Rubinstein
When you’re trying to figure out the perfect menu for your special occasion, think about more than just the flavors you’ll be serving to your guests.  A Legendary Event’s award-winning culinary staff understands that first, we eat with our eyes.  For that reason, everything we serve is a visual work of art.  Not only is our food delicious, but it is stunning and will keep your guests talking about your event long after the dessert course has been served.
Preview our culinary gallery online at www.alegendaryevent.com!

The Legendary Venue That’s Right For You!

Photo By Ben Vigil
Nothing sets the scene for an extraordinary event quite like a legendary venue.  Here at A Legendary Event, we pride ourselves on our creative thinking when it comes to the perfect setting for your special day.  Your perfect venue is hiding only minutes away, waiting to be discovered.
A Legendary Event has orchestrated gatherings in spaces of all kinds.  The more thought you put into the location of your party, the more personal it will feel for you and your guests.  The next time you’re thinking about a setting for a special occasion, spend an extra minute, go the extra mile, and think outside the box.  The perfect fit awaits you!  Check out A Legendary Event’s list of Legendary Venues online at www.alegendaryevent.com.

A Legendary Event is a Proud Partner of the Atlanta Hawks

As A Legendary Event celebrates our 15th year of award-winning special events, we are honored to be a Proud Partner of the Atlanta Hawks.  It is our extreme pleasure to work with the Atlanta Hawks Foundation and serve its major fundraising event and initiatives to make a difference.  The Atlanta Hawks Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of Georgia youth by inspiring them to develop a passion for learning and a commitment to physical fitness and recreation. By creating programs and forging partnerships with local agencies, the foundation continues to impact the lives of Georgia’s young people. At A Legendary Event, we also take enormous pride in giving back to the city of Atlanta and are delighted to join the efforts of The Atlanta Hawks and their meaningful Foundation. We support the Atlanta Hawks Foundation and their ongoing goals to impact the Atlanta community influencing where their fans live, work and play making life better and brighter for deserving youth. http://www.nba.com/hawks/community/foundation_main.html

The Perfect Excuse For A Party!

Photo by Lauren Rubinstein
Are you thinking about hosting a get-together for friends and family, but don’t know where to begin?  Let A Legendary Event, Atlanta’s award-winning caterer, decor and floral special events company help you come up with the perfect ideas for a legendary gathering for you and your loved ones.  There are plenty of occasions in the coming months for a party of any size.  Here are just a few for you to think about:
March 21: Spring Equinox – Celebrate the coming of warmer weather with a spring-themed bash full of seasonal flowers.  You could host this party in your own backyard or in any of the beautiful garden spaces throughout the city.  Check out our array of fabulous Atlanta venues! May 1: May Day – This spring-time holiday has been around for centuries, but with a few updated tweaks like elegant May Pole inspired chandeliers, you can turn this traditional festival into an unexpected show-stopper.  A wonderful idea for bridal showers, events and more! May 13: Mother’s Day – The ideal occasion for a fabulous brunch or tea, Mother’s Day celebrates the women we all hold most dear in our lives.  Pamper moms and family members with a decadent menu and breathtaking décor. There’s always a perfect party occasion just around the corner, and everyone wants an excuse to have a great time.  So this year, why not surprise your friends and family this year with a unique and unexpected party?  A Legendary Event is ready to help you host the event of the season!   www.alegendaryevent.com  

Southern Seasons Celebrates A Legendary Event!

A Legendary Event is thrilled to be featured in the luxury lifestyles magazine Southern Seasons Spring issue, 2012.  The cover features “Tony Conway’s 15th Legendary Year” and the stunning article that follows highlights A Legendary Event’s years of “Legendary” events and “is a celebration of the past 15 years of successful events and memories made throughout the Atlanta community.” The gorgeous 7-page spread  is filled with exquisite photography and glowing reviews from notable celebrities and dedicated community leaders.   The article shares the growth of A Legendary Event into the industry award-winner it has become along with Tony Conway’s continuing passion and diligence for making a difference. At A Legendary Event, we credit and honor our clients and thank Southern Seasons for their ongoing work to the community supporting so many worthwhile causes.  We are excited to celebrate 15 more years as we make every event Legendary.  For a look behind the scenes and a sneak peek at our catering, design and floral, enjoy the photo galleries at www.alegendaryevent.com.