Valet Service – Your Ticket to a Successful Party

  Photography: Nancy Jo McDaniel In the Middle Ages, the term “valet de chambre” characterized a male servant who served as a personal attendant to their employer. Today, a parking “valet” is a service employee who parks cars for guests at events, private affairs, hotels, and restaurants. Some might think that hiring a valet service is an unnecessary cost, but after months of planning, hiring a professional valet service should at least be considered. There can be several reasons for hiring a valet, from offering it as a special kindness to your guests, to cutting out an excessive walk to the parking lot, or even making sure your guests avoid a muddy trudge to and from the party door should it rain. Ultimately, valet service is a great way to add a departing, memorable touch.  As an example of this, party favors, such as bottled sparkling water or sugar cookies and a note expressing your gratitude for their attendance, can be placed on the console of each vehicle as they are parked. At a recent event, we arranged to have everyone’s car washed while they celebrated inside.  As the valet pulled their vehicle curbside, guests were shocked and surprised to find their newly washed cars gleaming in the moonlight. A valet service is much more than a bunch of twenty-something’s in red vests and sneakers; it’s an essential ingredient for a successful evening and one of the best ways to show your guests how much they are truly appreciated.

5 Tips for Selecting a Florist

Five Things To Do Before Selecting A Florist Not all flower arrangements are created equal!  Here at A Legendary Event, we know our award-winning florists play an extremely important role in many of our clients events.   For your special occasion, your decor should be nothing short of show-stopping, so use these 5 insider tips to help bring your floral dreams to life. 1. Figure out your vision Maybe a decadent red flower wall (pictured) is a little too racy for your party, but there is unlimited inspiration to be found both online and in person, so go out and find it.  Decide which flowers are most important to you, and what color scheme you think you want to work with. 2. Do your research Our Floral Director Jeanna Graham has a long and impressive body of work to show our clients.  Seeing examples of a florist’s previous work is essential as it allows you to see if their style suits yours. 3. Have a chat Let the florist know your ideas, can they contribute anything to your vision, or do they want to change your original plans? The florist should be someone who supports your concepts, and brings them to life in an extraordinary way. 4. Prepare a budget Find someone who understands your budget and is excited about making the most out of every penny.  A great florist knows the tricks to extend your finances as far as possible, so make sure you always have your numbers in mind. 5. Go with your gut When you’re feeling unsure, go with your first instinct and hire the person you feel most connected with.  This is somebody who will be handling a major part of your special event, so they need to be someone you can trust.  

A Springtime Honor

The Atlantan recently held a decadent garden party for the release of their 2014 Charity & Social Datebook at The Estate.
The who’s who of Atlanta enjoyed our Legendary floral walls, Grey Goose cocktails, blue cheese crudité shots, and the chance to kick back on comfy grass-style chairs. A Legendary Event Founder and CEO Mr Tony Conway (pictured above with Editor-In-Chief of The Atlantan Modern Luxury magazine, Ms Stephanie Davis Smith) was gifted with a Social Spotlight Award for all his philanthropic hard work and support of numerous local charitable organizations, so it was a celebratory affair all around. We love to create unique garden parties for our clients, if you are planning your own, celebrate spring using food choices that are bold, fresh and organic. Locally grown fruits and vegetables straight from the farmers truck for example are features that are easy to incorporate into entertaining, no matter the budget!