The Perfect Cocktail Party in 5 Easy Steps

Social Design Header 3 - 1210-167, St. Regis Client Party (127) 1. Provide a well-stocked bar with drinks that reflect your chosen theme 2. Make your party truly memorable by providing a special signature drink 3. Dress up the bar. Depending on the theme of your event, think about using colored tablecloths, or small accent lights to create a luxurious feel04_Fitzgerald_WPDetails-008 4. Don’t forget the appropriate drink ware – These should also reflect the theme, modern and minimal, or vintage and gold-rimmed, your choices are endless 5. Remember the other necessities; cocktail shakers & napkins, a chrome ice bucket , umbrellas, swizzle sticks and bowls of munchies for your guests

Celebrate Honey Month

10476465_10103346388502460_116045249535502049_oTo celebrate Honey Month (yes there really is such a thing) here are 3 quick suggestions for how to incorporate a honey theme into your party or even wedding, without subjecting your guests to a swarm of angry bees. 1R3A7055
  1. Bees can visually represent the theme rather than relying on numerous actual honey items. A few well-placed faux bee focal points add a fun and playful element to the decor.
  2. Honey in mini jars make wonderful favors. Substitute for honey flavored sweets and treats if you prefer.
  3. What about using honey as color inspiration for your next event!
Images: Kate Belle & Nancy Jo McDaniel  

A Golden Rule of Event Planning

Set realistic expectations from the start.  Every host would love A-list entertainment, many Brides, a fantasy wedding, but that does not mean the event budget is consistent with the vision. Understanding how to prioritize what will accomplish your “wow factor” is important from the moment you meet with the company you hire. Experienced event specialists at A Legendary Event understand how to help you reach your goal and manage expectations.

Photography: (Cake) Ross Oscar Knight.

Three Essential Party Pointers

Find your inspiration.  Every successful party plan begins with a vision.  Find that one color, flower, or image that resonates with you and never let go.  Your event style, décor, food, and even guest list will eventually be influenced by this. Think outside the box.  As the saying goes, “Something old, something new…” Every dinner party or wedding reception no matter how traditional should include an element of innovation in an unexpected way.  Some of the best places to think creatively are the table settings.  From luxurious table linens to jaw-dropping floral arrangements, your tablescapes can be a great place to show off. Make every guest feel welcome.  This may seem like a simple tip, but it is important to remember that everyone you have invited has come to help you celebrate your special occasion.  Keep that in mind as you plan elements like the individual place settings, where you can really show your guests you care.

A Quick Wedding Tip!

Photography: Tulle & Grace Look for places to include personal touches.  From the estate cards to cocktail tables, keep everything you A good event specialist will be able to help you sort through any elements that may not have been considered like the stage backdrop for the reception, or how to incorporate your loved ones in the décor.  

How to Keep Your Business Cooking

Tony Conway’s Secrets for Success Part 1   Photography: Nancy Jo McDaniel Hire a “Dream Team” — I always try to hire the best, brightest, and most talented.  When considering a potential employee, or what I refer to as a “team member,” I look for an outstanding portfolio, a relentless work ethic, and a streak of ambition. No one can be everywhere at once; you must have the right team in place to be successful in any business. Here’s the caveat.  Even if you screen potential candidates with multiple interviews, tests, and assessments, you’ll inevitably end up hiring some folks who just don’t “pull their weight.” For the sake of your business, you must be willing to let those team members go. Ineffective employees will eventually drag down company morale, and will sap company profits due to their lack of productivity. At A Legendary Event, clients can be assured they will be handled by the best in the business no matter who they come into contact with at the company.

In Celebration

June is National Rose Month and at A Legendary Event, “We love to do flowers.” Image: Nancy Jo McDaniel A dedication and passion for florals is evident in every arrangement that the team headed up by Floral Director Jeanna Graham, collectively conceives and creates. Few careers can compete with working in a florally-infused environment where everything is fragrant and saturated with color. Imagine working among rose petals, curvy willow branches and setting your watch according to what time the rose bud blossoms and the orchids bloom? Maybe this is the reason why A Legendary Event’s floral team is always wearing two things, a green-dappled apron speckled by stem trimmings, and a playfully puckish smile.

The Six Month Rule

The holiday calendar at A Legendary Event fills up very quickly so an appropriate quote for this time of the year comes from an anonymous source: “All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”  In other words—it’s never too soon to start planning for your Holiday party.  By the time you read this, some of our clients will have already spoken to our design and floral departments; others are even finalizing their holiday soiree menu choices. One of our clients commented, “Once I get the ball rolling with my initial phone call, I actually kind of enjoy the planning process.”  She says she relies on a “six month rule.” She’ll begin planning for her holiday events in mid-June “no matter how large or small the gathering.” That way, by the time the party time rolls around, she’s relaxed and can actually enjoy the company of the guests. “Besides,” she says, “who likes an uptight host?” Though the Six-Month Rule may seem a bit premature, when considering all of the elements necessary for successful event:  invitations, venue selection, event and floral design, music choice and menu selection—it’s never too early to plant for the “flowers of all the tomorrows.”

Valet Service – Your Ticket to a Successful Party

  Photography: Nancy Jo McDaniel In the Middle Ages, the term “valet de chambre” characterized a male servant who served as a personal attendant to their employer. Today, a parking “valet” is a service employee who parks cars for guests at events, private affairs, hotels, and restaurants. Some might think that hiring a valet service is an unnecessary cost, but after months of planning, hiring a professional valet service should at least be considered. There can be several reasons for hiring a valet, from offering it as a special kindness to your guests, to cutting out an excessive walk to the parking lot, or even making sure your guests avoid a muddy trudge to and from the party door should it rain. Ultimately, valet service is a great way to add a departing, memorable touch.  As an example of this, party favors, such as bottled sparkling water or sugar cookies and a note expressing your gratitude for their attendance, can be placed on the console of each vehicle as they are parked. At a recent event, we arranged to have everyone’s car washed while they celebrated inside.  As the valet pulled their vehicle curbside, guests were shocked and surprised to find their newly washed cars gleaming in the moonlight. A valet service is much more than a bunch of twenty-something’s in red vests and sneakers; it’s an essential ingredient for a successful evening and one of the best ways to show your guests how much they are truly appreciated.