A Labor of Love….

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, LOVE is on our minds!! Weird, it may be, but I was thinking back on something that took a TON of love from our staff last year.

December 5, 2009, the SEC Championship was in Atlanta and we had the privilege of doing the event décor for the welcoming reception at the Georgia Aquarium. Our event designer, Sophia Lin, always comes up with new ideas and different ways to use ordinary materials. When she showed the ALE staff the picture of this gorgeous environmentally friendly chandelier, we all thought she was so innovative.
Little did Sophia know that the six 20’ chandeliers that she proposed to our client would ever touch so many people’s hands!! First, we had to gather over 8,000 2-Liter and 20 oz. plastic bottles. Then, our wood shop workers cut each of the bottles to form the flower shape!Next, two holes had to be punched in all the bottle bottoms. After A LOT of broken hole punchers, we thought of the idea of using a soldering iron to melt the holes in the bottles. Then the process of stringing began….. We strung, and we strung, and we strung until we couldn’t string anymore!!! Next, we tied the many strands of bottles onto the steel wheel and finally it was near completion!
The end result was stunning and our client was beyond ecstatic about the outcome. All of the Florida and Alabama fans had no clue that something that they enjoyed all night was built by a team of 40+ people. Till this day, we have not had anything that took as much time, effort and LOVE as those chandeliers!! Happy Valentine’s Day and we hope that you find something to put lots of LOVE into!!


A Legendary Event’s Executive Chef Lincoln Stevens served his innovative presentation style “Kaleidoscope Menu” last week at The Savannah College of Art and Design’s Scholarship Gala. This annual event featured student demonstrations, performance art, and a silent auction of student and professor artwork. The crowd of 575 guests were awed by a performance art piece that one observer described as a “post-apocalyptic Amelia Earhart” dance. The gallery hummed with excitement as the goggle-clad dancers moved with ballet precision to bass laden ambient music. The post-modernistic dancers writhed and perched upon various rungs of ascending and descending wooden ladders that gathered centrally at the room’s core. In addition to the genre-breaking performance art piece, the original paintings and photographs that hung around the room’s perimeter were another testament to the eclectic range of the school’s enormous talent. Guests also had the opportunity to place their bids on distinctively crafted jewelry and sculpture pieces.

Following the presentation, guests followed the thread of creativity through to Chef Stevens’s experimental menu. After surveying the array of “Hues of Protein,” “Starch Notes,” “Vegetable Tones,” and “Glazes” that lay before them—the guests “built” their own menu. Chefs at each “window” worked directly with the guests to help them create an ideal menu that suited the nuances of his or her palate. Many of the guests relied predominantly on the guidance and suggestions of our veteran chefs. Others, with a taste for experimentation, got down right creative. Guests seemed drawn into the experimental spirit of the Kaleidoscope Menu. An experimental culinary affair was perhaps the only way to underscore SCAD’s innovative spirit. Chef Stevens remarked, “this [The Kaleidoscope Menu] is the perfect menu for this event because it’s the perfect merging of colors and flavors.”