Fox Five Road Warrior at Legendary Event! Five Segments! Five Departments!

What a thrill to have Fox Five’s outstanding Road Warrior Stacey Elgin come and visit  A Legendary Event! Our team showed how to have a Legendary holiday with our very own Legendary experts demonstrating what A Legendary Event has to offer for the holiday table.  Executive Chef Christophe in the kitchen showcased a fabulous Holiday Cranberry Orange Relish.  Executive Pastry Chef Charles Barrett in the Pastry Shop demonstrated how to make our famed Pumpkin Cheesecake Lollipops.  Floral Director Jeanna Graham showed how simple food die and seasonal fruit such as crabapples or cranberries can add a simplistic flair to a holiday table. Creative Director Steve Welsh showed his talents by creatively transforming a wood panel from the hardware store into a stunning and spectacular tiger eye patterned wood dining table that made an exquisite fall statement. CEO and founder, award-winning Tony Conway showed us his festive flair by appointing the perfect place setting with colorful table napkins making a scalloped fold that dressed up the table and resembled a memorable Thanksgiving turkey styled design. The Legendary team showed how limitless the possibilities are at A Legendary Event and when you add a personal touch, everyone enjoys the holiday in style. Try one of our recipes and tell us how it turned out! 

Happy Holidays and may your blessings be many!

The Signature of Spring

With spring around the corner, it’s time to start planning for Easter, Mother’s Day, and outdoor gatherings. When I think of spring, I am typically reminded of soft pastels, bouquets of daffodils, and grilled snapper on the open barbecue. Of course, in Texas, we weren’t as winter-weary as other parts of the country ―but we still welcomed the gentler hand of spring.
Years have passed since my spring times in Texas but we still come together with family and friends to celebrate nature, life, and a mother’s love. This year, look for nature to be one of the prevailing signatures of spring. My company recently provided the décor for a bride who loved nature. We translated that passion into wedding décor that featured a chuppah garlanded with foliage (the cover of the chuppah was made from cotton grown, picked, and ginned on the bride’s Mississippi family farm) and an actual tree stump that served as the wedding cake base. However, the most dramatic feature was the lush canopy ceiling treatment of Magnolia leaves suspended from a grid above the dance floor. A multitude of very large blooming branches created the appearance of a large arbor under which the guests dances. A host of iron lanterns ―each twinkling with candlelight ―was suspended from the grid of leaves and branches at various heights. The bride was thrilled at how we captured the essence of her personality with this nature-inspired wedding décor.
Spring menus will be bold, fresh, and organic. Utilizing locally grown fruits and vegetables straight from the farmer’s truck continues to be the most popular choice. Wild leeks, Vidalia onions, heirloom tomatoes, snap beans, yellow crookneck squash, peaches and blueberries are perfect springtime choices ― especially in response to clients’ requests more salads and healthier eating. Our Executive Chef was recently featured in Special Events Magazine for his “organic spoon-sized salads” composed of micro-basil, edible orchids, raspberry, caramelized Seckel pear, and pineapple relish with African blue basil.
In addition to fresh, organic, and creative ―“Mini” is also in. From gourmet mini burgers (photo courtesy of Lauren Ruebinstein) to cold shots of Vichyssoise ―it seems, bite-sized is the right size. “Petits fours literally fly off the trays at our events,” says Executive Pastry Chef Charles Barrett. Maybe smaller-sized desserts and pastries (photo courtesy of Ric Mershon) reduce the guilt. For some reason, serving smaller portions also seems to stimulate conversation. If you really want your guests to mingle, I suggest serving single, bite-sized hors d’œuvres.
For Mother’s Day I wouldn’t veer too far away from classic brunch dishes. Stacey Eames, owner of Atlanta’s trendy Highland Bakery says, “Our Crab Cake Benedict with sautéed spinach is by far our most popular Mother’s Day item. We’ve been at this location for over five years and Mom’s seem to order the same items year after year. I guess they like what’s familiar ― I find that to be very endearing.”

Easter fare can be a little more inventive. If you’re inviting guests, I suggest having the standard Honey glazed baked ham available so that those expecting it will not be disappointed. Do try an unexpected side dish like Orzo pasta salad or Cheddar Cheese Buns (extra delicious when served with ham slices and Dijon-styled or coarse German mustard). For dessert pick up something unique from your local bakery ―a Rhubarb almond crumble or Brazilian Carrot Cake ―quite different from the American version.

Regardless, of where you live or how frequently you entertain ― you’ll surely note this year’s bold, organic, locally-grown, miniature, alfresco, nature-driven, classic, colorful and creative signature of spring.
**To read more of the March/April Issue of Affluent Magazine, check out the new digital version!

The Joys of Molecular Gastronomy

A Legendary Event’s Michael Schotsch and Executive Pastry Chef Charles Barrett fashion Mozzarella Balloons for the multi-itemed first course at DIFFA’s Dining by Design Gala. Our culinary team has been experimenting with a number of cutting edge Moleculary Gastronomy techinques. Click here to view DIFFA slideshow by Laura Stone’s artstarphotography:


Atlanta, September 17th―I wanted to take a moment to say that I hope you had a great summer and to share some of the exciting developments that have been taking place here at A Legendary Event.

We’ve recently added some great new team members. First of all, Charles Barrett is our new Executive Pastry Chef. Prior to coming to Legendary, Barrett was Executive Pastry Chef at The Cobb Galleria. We can’t wait for you to see (and taste) some of his deliciously innovative dessert creations.

We’re also excited to have Leah Stephens as the newest member of our Catering Sales Team. Leah accepted the position of Catering Sales Manager last month and has already hit the ground running. Of course, most of you already know, Sophia Lin. Sophia has been promoted to the role of Senior Sales Manager. Sophia has worked at A Legendary Event for approximately three years and brings a wonderful winning spirit and charisma to the team.

Also new on board is Ashley Miller, Kate Bradley, and Jeffrey Powell. Ashley Miller has accepted the role of Junior Design Event Manager. Kate Bradley has joined our team as Sales Assistant. Jeffrey Powell is our new Senior Design Sales Manager. Jeffrey has years of event design business, most recently running his own company, Jeffrey Blooms. He also appears on Style Network’s “Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?”

Just a reminder that the holiday season is just around the corner (90 days to be precise). We’d love to help you celebrate by providing you with catering and/or design for your holiday party or gathering. Believe me, it will be here before we know it! So, give us a call so we can put you on the calendar.

Happy Holidays!
Tony Conway, CMP


People are still talking about this Southern-inspired dessert of Bacon Molasses Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Foie Gras Mousse created by A Legendary Event’s Executive Chef Lincoln Stevens and Executive Pastry Chef Charles Barrett. This unique Georgia-born dessert was debuted last week at Project Open Hand’s Party in the Kitchen.

Photo by

Key New Positions at A Legendary Event

A Legendary Event is pleased to announce the addition of Gregory Lofton as company Controller. Lofton comes to Legendary from Dickey Publishing, where he was head of accounting and finance. Prior to that, he held various accounting and finance positions in the Southeast. Lofton holds a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from UNC Wilmington, NC. Mr. Lofton is currently working on the completion of his M.B.A.

Charles Barrett has also been announced as our new Executive Pastry Chef. Prior to coming to Legendary, Barrett was Executive Pastry Chef at The Cobb Galleria. As well, he trained extensively under acclaimed Pastry Chef Abby Ryland. Mr. Barrett is excited to continue his pastry design career at A Legendary Event.

Leah Stephens has accepted the position of Catering Sales Manager. Leah comes to us from her most current position as Catering Sales Manager for Divine Events. Prior to that, she was Catering Sales Manager at Cobb Performing Arts Center.

Sophia Lin has been promoted to Design and Catering Sales Manager. Lin has worked at A Legendary Event for approximately three years. She has been an integral member of the design, sales, and production teams. Lin has extensive industry experience along with a B.S. degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell University.

Legendary’s Summer Intern Jessica Porter will take on the new role of Junior Event Manager. She did an outstanding job with the company over the summer months and A Legendary Event is looking forward to her continued growth.

Tony Conway, Owner and President of A Legendary Event said, “I’m so excited about the new promotions and additions to our talented crew.”